Why You Need to Get DOWN

Down's Mission

To create a more progressive and healthy society where you can be yourself and pursue what you desire, through refreshingly honest & delightful experiences

Down's Vision

Create more honest and exciting connections for app users in the US & beyond, with a progressive spirit and delightful experiences.

What DOWN is All About

As humans we love to meet new people. And online dating is one of the most popular ways to connect, meet, have fun, and find love. At DOWN we believe people are smart and intelligent, and they understand what they want. Our goal is not to tell you what you need, because you well know what you are looking for! That’s why DOWN allows you to determine your intentions with a potential match from the start. Zero confusion, zero mixed messages, we allow you to go straight to the point and get the type of dating match you are looking for. Hookup app? Romantic Dating app? You found it! We are everything you need, anytime you need it.


Your safety is important to us. We make sure your DOWN App experience is secure and honest.


We have an open mind; sexuality is a healthy, natural, and crucial aspect in relationships.


We encourage users to be honest to form a real, trustworthy, and transparent connection.


Get to know singles from all over the world!

Contact Us

If you have any issues or questions, please let us know from the form or by email. We'd love to help! contact@downapp.com