Actions You Should Take To Avoid Online Dating Scam

Dating site scams happen all the time. Don’t let dating online scams happen to you.

Actions You Should Take To Avoid Online Dating Scam

If you’ve been trying to find love in free dating sites, hearing about romance scams can be discouraging. But the more you learn about them, the easier it is to identify and avoid falling victim yourself or pulling away from contacts who try to reach out for your money. It may also help you identify warning signs so that if someone doesn’t have good intentions, your intuition might tell you not to let your guard all the way down.

So how do you protect yourself exactly from free dating sites scamming?

List Of Online Dating Scams To Avoid

Do your research

Check out the person’s free dating sites profile photos. Copy the images and then run them through a reverse-image search engine, such as Google Images. If you see the same photo posted with a different name or other information, there’s a good chance it was stolen from someone else’s profile – or worse, a stock photos website.

Meet them in person

While online dating can have its advantages, you have to be skeptical of anyone who seems too good to be true. If you’ve been messaging someone for a few weeks but haven’t met them in person, it should raise some red flags. And suspicion should really take over if you’ve tried to arrange a visit with the other person multiple times and something has always come up at the last minute. True intentions are often revealed by actions rather than words.

Don’t share personal photos

Never send intimate images to the dating app matches you’ve never met in real life. (Even if you did meet them in person, think twice before doing so!). Whether you’re talking through free dating sites or another app, those images you thought were private could be used to exploit and harass you later.

Ask for others’ opinions

If you’ve been in a relationship from free dating sites and feel suspicious about the person you’ve been talking with or feel like something may not be right – it’s important to really get to the bottom of what concerns you by working out whether you should trust your instincts.

That can be hard when all of our emotions are involved. So get someone else’s take on things, someone who isn’t directly invested in your relationship. For example, another friend or family member who may assist you in seeing things more clearly than before.

How To Protect Yourself From Dating Site Scams