How to Break Up With Someone

A breakup is difficult, so here’s some tips to make it hurt less for you and your partner.

Dating Advices: How to Break Up With Someone
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A breakup is never pleasant, but we often forget that it can play out just as badly for the person initiating the breakup. Maybe you actually care for this person and want to do them no harm or damage. Or maybe you’re feeling like maybe things aren’t working like they should be and might be better off with someone else. No matter what your reasons are for wanting to end it, we know the end of a relationship can stir up feelings of grief and pain and cause feelings of guilt and tension, so here’s a guide on how to break up with someone;

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How to break up with someone, tip no.1 – Think It Through.

Remember, this is not April Fool’s day. If you’re having doubts and concerns about the breakup, there are a few things you should consider discussing with your partner before you drop the breakup bomb on your relationship. Share doubts and concerns along the way. In some cases, the relationship can even be saved by this type of honesty as it might even help both parties realize that the breakup reasons were solvable!

Rip off the Band-Aid, but be Empathetic.

If you truly care for your partner, you wouldn’t let your partner go through breakup grief stages the hard way. You need to be straightforward, but not rude. If it helps, try practicing what you want to say beforehand (not a script). Keep it neutral, don’t blame them for ruining the relationship or blame yourself for the breakup, and don’t make it seem like you’re making up breakup reasons. Bottom-line dating advices from us, be honest and compassionate.

Don’t change your mind.

When you tell your partner that you want to breakup, you can’t control their reaction. They might take offense in your breakup reasons, cry, or even already in their breakup grief stages. If they do disagree with you, ask them why, but stick to your decision. Deciding to breakup needs time, so it’s only normal to also take time if you want to change your mind about it.

Never, and we mean NEVER send a breakup text.

We can’t stress this enough. Whether it’s a really long breakup text, several breakup messages, breakup calls, or a written note on paper you’d like to call a breakup letter, it doesn’t make things any less hurtful. It doesn’t matter if your breakup reasons are 5 pages long if written as a breakup letter, do it face-to-face if you can. If you’re located far away from each other, the closest thing is to do a breakup video call.

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Know that it’s going to take time to recover.

Both for you and your partner. You might think you’re free of the relationship and you can do whatever you please, but truth is, you’ve cared for your ex and you’ll find yourself looking for them in certain situations. So before you get back into hookup sites or dating web sites, take some time to heal.

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That was how to break up with someone; a relationship breakup doesn’t have to be a negative thing in which one person wins and the other loses. It shouldn’t be thought of in terms of ‘winning’ or ‘losing,’ and it definitely should not be something that is done because someone believes they’ll lose face if they don’t. Both parties lose something in the process. Know that wanting to breakup doesn’t make you a villain.

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