Manchester Speed Dating — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022

Want to try Manchester speed dating? We have the ultimate UK hookup guide for you to help you explore the fun!

Manchester Speed Dating — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022
Manchester Speed Dating — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022

A lot of people are trying Manchester speed dating for a mix of good reasons. Some are going to Manchester aiming to take pleasure in the culinary world; others are in town for the entertainment. There’s one thing that is true: everybody is trying to hook up. Manchester is a great city to get some action … if you know how to do it.

That’s why we published this guide on the best way to approach Manchester speed dating. In this post, written with the support of Manchester citizens, we will keep it so you can get back to playing some card games or doing any hobby you have without having to fret about how to succeed in Manchester speed dating.


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Jigsaw is a dating app that aims to change the speed swiping culture. They’re called Jigsaw because faces are covered by jigsaw pieces in the app, and once you’ve gotten to know people better, the jigsaw pieces slowly come off. It’s an innovative way to rewrite the dating game, however Jigsaw only has over 100,000 users now and it’s mainly focused in the US.

The whole concept is fun and intriguing, but it’s definitely not for those who want to match and date quick.

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