The Truth Behind Why Do Guys Like Sundresses

You’ve heard of this before, right? Guys love it when girls wear sundresses… but why do guys like sundresses so much?

The Truth Behind Why Do Guys Like Sundresses
The Truth Behind Why Do Guys Like Sundresses

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In looking for a potential partner, studies show that men prefer women who are slim and attractive. A great sundress can help you achieve that! How? Well a slim and attractive woman elevates men’s testosterone and cortisol levels.

Women wear sundresses simply because it’s cute, light, airy, and it’s summer! It’s boiling hot outside and we’re not about to wear jeans. So here’s why do guys like sundresses, according to Reddit and other men we’ve questioned.

Why do guys like sundresses?

1. The perfect style.

According to Reddit men, sundresses is the epitome of cute, class, and sexiness. Did he elaborate? Unfortunately he didn’t.

2. They look happy wearing it.

Perhaps it’s not the shape, or the flow of the dress, but it’s the person’s expressions when wearing a sundress. This Redditor said he remembered just how happy he saw a woman was when wearing her new summer dress and she was the most attractive person he’s ever seen.

3. Functionality and Femininity.

Like we said, sundresses or summer dresses are flowy, perfect for the summer and they’re pretty. They can be a little revealing sometimes, which play into the sexiness aspect, they make our butts look good, and they’re comfortable. What’s not to like?

4. Room for imagination.

“They hint at what is underneath, but leave a lot to our imagination.” I quote a Redditor here.

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5. The female equivalent of a white dress shirt and pants.

You know how society’s ideal dressed up man is a man with a nice dress shirt and some pants? Well apparently the female equivalent to that is a sundress. Suits = sundresses. It may seem like it doesn’t match together, but who said they should? As long as they look good individually.

6. Easy access.

You know what I mean by easy access right? If you know, you know.

7. They just look good!

“I love them because they’re totally sexy without a tryhard or erotic component. I’m generally most attracted to women in their natural element vs. situations when attractiveness is an implied goal.”

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Well there you have it, the answers to the question why do guys like sundresses. Lesson: wear sundresses. It’s summer! Go out there and be happy in your sundresses.

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