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  • What is DOWN?

    DOWN is the most honest dating app available to meet locals nearby - you get to choose whether you want a casual relationship OR a more serious one. Unlike other dating apps, we view sexuality as a healthy, natural, and crucial aspect to relationships; We're all adults, so sexual intention and attraction shouldn't be hidden. We believe it's healthier for everyone involved if people are up-front with what they want, by specifying if they want to GET (a) DATE or GET DOWN.

  • Whoa. Slow down. What does selecting “Get Date” mean?

    Swiping up to Get Date means you think that person has girlfriend/boyfriend potential. Basically, you’d like something more than a hookup.

  • What about “Get Down”?

    Swiping down to Get Down means you are looking for something casual - maybe some drinks and some hookups, but you're not on the hunt for something serious.

  • Will I be notified if I select to Get Down with someone and they select to Get Date with me and vice versa?

    We’ve got you covered. If you match with the same intentions (e.g. You both say GET DATE), we'll tell you. If you chose differently, we will still match you but we'll let you know you both like each other and should talk more first.

  • Will my friends see I am using the app? Will it post to my Facebook?

    DOWN was created to avoid awkward situations. We NEVER post anything to your Facebook wall or news feed. Your friends will NEVER know if you want to Get Down or Get Date with them unless they want to as well. If you want to make sure you do not show up in Facebook's Graph Search for our app, make sure to keep the default setting to show “Only Me” in the privacy settings. As of April 30, 2015, Facebook changed their platform, killing the original idea of viewing your friends and secretly matching with them, without anyone knowing who uses DOWN. Due to those changes, it may now be possible for your friends to infer who uses DOWN while using it themselves.

  • How will I find out who wants to Get Down or Get Date with me? Will they be notified when I swipe on them?

    When you swipe to Get Down or Get Date on someone, they will not be notified until they swipe you to Get Down/Date. Only when both of you have selected each other will you both be notified (via email and/or Facebook notifications, depending on your settings ). You will always be notified within the DOWN app via notification. Only the two people matched get notified.

  • I made a mistake and regret who I selected to Get Down or Get Date. How can I undo this?

    Simply search for that specific person in the app’s search bar. Click “Undo" on their image or swipe halfway the opposite direction and you’re set! Crisis averted.

  • What does swiping LEFT mean?

    Swiping left skips that person entirely. You don’t want to go on a date or hookup with this person. Don’t worry, you can still change your mind and swipe back if it was a hasty mistake.

  • What is my DOWN Score and what does it mean?

    Your DOWN Score is calculated by looking at how many views you get, 'Get Down/Get Date' swipes/clicks, and your social network. Basically, it's your attractiveness rating. This does not mean everyone with a score is a user on our site. You can currently view it only in our iOS app (go to the Settings page).

  • What are Nearby Picks (Daily Picks) and how are they selected?

    Nearby Picks are curated results based on your preferences. You will receive new results every day if we have good ones to send you! Over time DOWN will learn what you are looking for in a potential date or one time fling to return more relevant results.

  • Can I search based on location/relationship/sexual preferences?

    There are male and female filters in the menu, letting you browse by gender. Our mobile app take into account a number of factors when choosing which people to show you, including sexual preferences and location. Make sure that you enable location for the app!

  • I received an email or text message saying someone wanted to Get Down/Get Date, but when I login I can’t see who it is. Why is that?

    Congrats! You received that email because one of your friends wanted to invite you to join DOWN. We only reveal who that is when you happen to click "Get Down/Get Date" on them as well.

  • I love the idea and want my friends to join! How can I anonymously invite them?

    You can spread the love anonymously by using the secret admirer option in our mobile app to send a friend ONE text message from us asking them to join or by using the anonymous email option on our web version - your friends will never know it was you who invited them. Just click the “Spread the Love” link in the upper right of our website to get started. You can also share DOWN to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ networks. These methods are NOT anonymous.

  • I keep trying to join and log in but I can’t! Why is this happening?

    First off, we’ve got to make sure you’re older than 18. If not, that is why you can’t get in. If you are older than 18 and are still experiencing a problem, log out of all Facebook apps and accounts on your phone and then try again.

  • Where are notification emails from DOWN sent?

    All the correspondence is sent to your email address associated with your Facebook account. If you need to change it, please send us a message using the form on this page.

  • As sad as it is, I think its time to delete my account. How can I delete?

    You can now disable your account from the settings page.