Dating in Leicester — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022

Start dating in Leicester! Here’s the best UK hookup guide of 2022 just for you! Read how to start dating in Leicester now.

Dating in Leicester — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022
Dating in Leicester — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022

A lot of people are dating in Leicester for a mix of good reasons. Some are going to Leicester aiming to take pleasure in the culinary world; others are in town for the entertainment. There’s one thing that is true: everybody is trying to hook up. Leicester is a great city to get some action … if you know how to do it.

That’s why we published this guide on the best way to approach dating in Leicester. In this post, written with the support of Leicester locals, we will keep it so you can get back to playing some card games or doing any hobby you have without having to fret about how to succeed in dating in Leicester.


DOWN Dating App
DOWN Dating App

DOWN App is a dating or hookup app who aims to create a more progressive and healthy society where users can express and be themselves through honest and delightful experiences.

DOWN App understands the importance of being real, that’s why they put users in control. They are a dating app where users are encouraged to date with full honesty.

Read the best UK Hookup Guide and have some fun tonight!

Dating in Leicester — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022

Unlike other dating or hook up apps, DOWN gives their users the option to ‘hookup’ or to ‘date’ other users. This way, they’re hoping that it would erase the constant confusion of trying to figure out what the other person is looking for. It’s straightforward and easy to use, and they constantly promote sex positivity on their platform.

DOWN App is the leading and fastest service you have. You simply switch on your phone, browse the hookup app, swipe down to hookup, and then match with different people. Generally conversations begin with a ‘hey there’, but that’s incredibly boring – and DOWN will help you start dating in Leicester.

Some users may have been using the app for years, some may know DOWN as Bang with Friends. Bang with Friends was launched in January 2013, and rebranded to DOWN in late 2013.

DOWN organically grew to 5 million users in 2016, and made $1 million in annual revenue from in-app purchases in 2017. Today, it has over 13 million downloads and counting.

More about DOWN

Dating in Leicester – DOWN App is FREE

Here’s some good news for those of you in Leicester or anywhere in the UK, while Leicester dating sites usually require a VIP membership and you need to pay, DOWN App is completely, absolutely FREE. There’s no extra payment needed, no ads, nothing.

Once you download DOWN, you get free VIP membership automatically. Beware though because the FREE VIP is only stands until July 2022, so you need to claim yours now before it’s gone.

Dating in Leicester — Best UK Hookup Guide 2022

Exclusive VIP Features you’ll get:

  • See users who like you
  • See unlimited profiles
  • Match with people anywhere in the world (no limitations)
  • Unlock Flirts (direct message to your crush)
  • See people who left you on Read
  • Advanced filters
  • And more!

This offer only stands until July 2022! Claim your FREE VIP Membership now before it’s too late!

Let’s start dating in Leicester! Get DOWN App on  iOS or Google Play  and enjoy the benefits of the VIP Membership for FREE!

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