5 Signs He Wants to Breakup – Dating Advice for Woman

You see signs that your boyfriend cheated, are you going to wait for him to tell you?

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When your relationship gets dull, it can be tricky to know if your partner is down to break up. And it’s devastating to tell your friends ‘my boyfriend cheated’. Just understanding how to identify when things get stale can help you and your boyfriend work together to improve the quality of the relationship and ensure that you’re both happy moving forward, and not breaking up. So let’s look at some signs that indicate that your bae wants to call it quits.

1. He’s avoiding you.

Some people find that telling their partner they want to end their relationship is too hard, so instead of being direct and honest, they choose the path of avoidance. You should take action if your partner cancels all your plans or changes the topic whenever a serious one arises. If you notice your partner does this, it may be because he doesn’t know how to tell you. You should bring this up with them if you observe this behavior.

2. He stopped making an effort.

Relationships require effort from both partners. Whether it’s setting up dates with your partner or trying to make up after an argument, making an effort to show each other you care about them is what shows you are serious about a relationship. It may be a sign that your partner is ready for a breakup if he no longer tries. Perhaps he is blowing off important anniversaries or other special occasions, and this hurts you. Maybe you’re the one making all the effort here, and is it all really worth it?

3. Bros before anything.

Couples should have their own space, but every moment spent with others is not exactly what you want in a relationship. To find out where your partner stands, invite them out. Claiming that ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ when in reality he’s already spending most of his days with his friends is something you should look out for. If he doesn’t want to go out with you and prefer to spend time with his friends, maybe it’s time to revisit those breakup reasons.

4. Intimacy is scarce.

There are other ways to express love, but physical touch is definitely important to keep in mind. If you don’t get affection from him anymore that’s not good. Not all guys are very cuddly in a relationship, but take note of how this aspect of the relationship changes. You will be able to sense this intuitively. If it’s just not there anymore, don’t try to force this dynamic. It will only prolong the pain of heartbreak when it’s really time to breakup.

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5. He downloaded hookup sites.

There are tons of top dating app out there (Tinder, Ockupid, DOWN, or Bumbel dating app). This might be a sign that he could cheat on you, but let’s not start accusing. As women, men always say that we’re crazy, and that always tips us off especially when everyone knows we’re right. Instead, be calm and take this sign as you dodged a bullet. Maybe you spent a long time with him, but now you know he’s the type of person who avoids communicating, and would rather get under the covers of his dating app matches as a resolve.

Listen, if you’ve been reading lots of dating advices lately, thinking about how your boyfriend cheated, and seem can’t to apply them into your relationship, maybe it’s time to read ‘how to break up with someone’ for a change. Sometimes a relationship just doesn’t work and though it hurts, knowing when to call it quits can be the best thing you can do for yourself right now, and it would help you go through the breakup grief stages easier.

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