Tips on a Breakup From An Online Relationship

Whoever said a breakup online is easier than face-to-face is wrong.

By Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

When an online relationship goes through a breakup, you’ll think.. ‘online dating sucks’.

Breakups happen all the time, all over the world. But for some reason when it happens to an online relationship it’s perceived easier to recover when in reality, online breakup can be just as traumatizing. If people ask ‘what could online breakup reasons be anyway?’ well it’s not much different than an offline relationship, and the worst part about it is that your chances of getting a simple breakup text is higher.

The truth of the matter is that there are many instances in which an online relationship can go both ways, positively or negatively, so don’t let these perceptions get in your way of getting over someone you’ve met from online dating sites! Here are ways to recover from online relationships gone wrong;

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Go offline.

Well if online dating sucks, then what better way to move on from an online relationship than to unplug and have time for yourself? It’s okay to pause if your online relationship has come to an end. If you have the habit of following your ex’s social media updates, reading through their Instagram images and liking or commenting on their Facebook posts, it’s time to unfollow them or unfriend them. If you met them on an online dating web sites, time to unmatch or block them, and start paying attention to your own life – it’s more interesting than theirs anyway. (This would also be a good time for you to go through your breakup grief stages!)

Reconnect in real life.

Instead of focusing on the breakup reasons for your breakup, think of it as an opportunity to make new beginnings. If you’ve been more involved with your online relationship than friends and family over the past months physically, this could be an excellent time for reconnect with them. Plan on doing something more social like going out to dinner or drinks with good friends so you can refuel your strength and gain some perspective about your romantic situation.

Pause the swiping.

When you’re freshly out of an online relationship, you should take some time to come up with alternative leisure activities before attempting to get back into online free dating sites. The last thing you want is to jump straight back into an environment surrounded by dating app matches because it just reminds you of what you’re coming out of. Since the temptation is so strong, you might even want to take a break from your favorite dating web sites (Tinder, Hinge, Ockupid, DOWN, Bumbel dateing app) all-together. You can always come back once you’ve gone over your breakup grief stages and who knows, there might be a new top dating app around.

When you do swipe again, try other dating web sites.

Perhaps you met your ex-partner on the top dating app at the time, and you feel like if you go through your dating app matches, you’ll find another chance at love. You’re not wrong, it might happen, but you can also give other dating web sites a chance. There’s no harm with starting in a new environment, take it as a dating advices.

Besides, looking at the same online free dating apps can be difficult when you just breakup with your ex. There’s loads of hookup sites out there, too! Why not give them a try?

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Online dating sucks sometimes, and recovering from any breakup isn’t easy, especially when it was an online relationship and you feel like when you’re on the internet, they’re everywhere. And yes, you might have tried your best in the relationship, even as far as reading articles about ‘dating advice for woman’ or ‘breakup reasons you can avoid’, but it still didn’t work. The upside to it is that you won’t have to see them everyday, and you can start focusing on yourself from now. And it’s okay that this on relationship didn’t work out, you still have plenty of chances to connect with someone more suitable for you.

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