Maximizing Your Chances of Getting a Match on DOWN

Maximizing Your Chances of Getting a Match on DOWN

We know a thing or two about getting matches on our very own DOWN platform!

DOWN Dating App has gained popularity for its straightforward approach to casual dating. If you feel like your number of matches need a lift, we know a thing or two about how you are able to increase matches on DOWN. In the world of online dating, it’s all about impressions baby. And we know what your profile needs in order to rise to the top. Uncover all of DOWN’s tips to finding matches.

  1. Choosing the right pictures

Yes, we know that this is an obvious one. But some people just doesn’t seem to understand. who would want to swipe on your DOWN profile if all we see is dark pitch black pictures showing almost absolutely nothing but a slight tiny hint of your face in it. We don’t want to break it to you but we want FACE. We need to see what you look like to be attracted to you. We’re not gonna be attracted to nothing but a black picture. And even if you’re not the most good looking person out there, just be confident. Rather than shying away in that dark hall of nothing, it is better to show your face. TRUST ME. At least you’re honest about what you look like. We DOWN people appreciate your honesty.

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Another thing to pay attention when you’re choosing your pictures are making sure that it is not blurry. Make sure that the quality of your picture is clear enough to see. These images will showcase a part of who you are and your personality. This is how first impressions are judged.

Moving on from the obvious, another thing you can pay attention to is to include other aspects of your life and interests. Also, please DOOO avoid group pictures. We want to be able to know YOU not your friends. And honestly, if you’re uploading a group picture, people will just assume you’re the other less attractive person because it just shows how unconfident you are.

2. Verifying your profile

This step is very important. VERY VERY IMPORTANT. These days in online dating, there are so many cases of girls or guys catfishing out there. So sometimes they upload pictures of some celebrity or idol instead of themselves. So a way for the online dating world to know if someone is really how they look like, they get their profile verified. This is to make sure that one that it is a real person with real genuine interests and two that people are who they look like.

3. Write a short and catchy bio

DO NOT under any circumstances, leave this section blank. Most people skip this section because they’re too lazy or they think that it is unimportant. But it is. People with short written bios explaining their interests tend to get more matches than people who leave them blank. You don’t have to write a long paragraph about yourself. You can just write highlights of your interests and hobbies. If you get stuck writing your bio, keep in mind that you can write about what you’re looking for, your interests and hobbies or a fun fact about yourself.

3. Add a tag

If you are on DOWN app or ever was, you would know that DOWN offers tags that users can choose. Whether it being ‘Down to Meet’ tags or ‘Down to Try’ tags, just select at least 3 tags. There’s tags like My place, Hotel, Dirty Talk, FWB and many more. With these tags, you and your potential match can understand and know what you’re interests are.

4. Clear intentions

DOWN app was made for a reason. And a purpose. This is so that people are honesta dn they are clear about what their intentions are and what they want. This means to be honest if you’re just hoping for one night of fun or something more serious. This could actually be something you can mention in your bio. Again, DOWN appreciates honesty. Another benefit is this’ll help you find compatible genuine matches.

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Getting a match is just the first step of the online dating world. Conversations are what keeps the matches alive. Here’s a few tips on how to initiate those conversations.

5. Avoid generic messages

You know those messages like ‘hii,wyd?’ or ‘Heyy:) How are you?’ Yeah those messages. Those are just lame messages that everyone says. Instead, if you ever want to stand out and try a different approach, you can try reading your match’s bio and asking something or saying something about that. For example if your match’s interests are surfing, you could ask them how they started surfing or what got them into surfing in the first place. You don’t have to fake your interests and say that you also like to surf but you can send them a message that actually says that you pay attention and took time to see their profile. This will usually leave them even more interested.

6. Ask open-ended questions

When you’re talking to someone for the first time, of course there’s a whole lot of questions you can ask them or discover. So don’t ask them yes or no questions that can leave the conversation hanging. Instead, ask them questions that can get them to really talk about themselves so you can learn if your interests aligns with each other. These encourage deeper conversations and allows both of you to get to know each other better.

7. Adjust your settings and preferences

So we’re all aware that in DOWN App, there are setting and preferences that allow you to choose if you are looking for men or women, or what age range are you searching for. Obviously if you set the age range to only a specific number like for example 29-30 then you’ll have less options. So be more open minded about it and try a more wider range of options.

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If you follow these DOWN tips, then you will for sure get more matches and maximize your chances of getting the most matches. But if not, then after you read this article, take another look at your profile and see if there is anything else that you can change about your profile to get better matches. Anyways, best of luck to you DOWN users!

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