Tips on Dating : The Do’s and Don’ts on DOWN

Tips on Dating : The Do’s and Don’ts on DOWN

Here’s a few tips on dating to make sure you enjoy your time at DOWN App

Dating has undergone a significant amount of transformation. With online dating and mobile apps available, the dating game has changed. It is now easier and more convenient to find the matches you are looking for. Here are some tips on dating to make sure that you can get the most out of your time in DOWN Dating App.

Dating app do's and don'ts by DOWN App
Dating app do’s and don’ts by DOWN App

The DO’s:

Stay Authentic

First things first. Stay authentic. This is the utmost important tip on dating we or anyone else could probably give you. You might think hmnn it’s not so bad if I have to fake a thing or two about what I like in order to get that person to like me. But this is wrong, one lies turn to two and two turns into three and so forth. You don’t want your connection to be based off of false interests. This is not how you create a genuine connection. You don’t have to lie about the things you like nor dislike. And if you don’t bond over the same interests, then maybe he or she ain’t the one for you. Authenticity is key when you are trying to connect with genuine matches.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

DOWN was formed so that people could genuinely express their intentions without having to lie. At DOWN, honesty is the best policy. We want to make sure that our intentions are clear right from the beginning. And even if you are not clear about what you want and tips for dating is to be honest about it. If you’re not sure just say so! Instead of saying you’re sure and then changing your mind afterwards, you can just be honest.

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Communicate Your Needs

Ever heard the term ‘Communication is key?’ Yeah they’re probably right. You don’t need to play mind games about what you want or hint to them about what you want. Sometimes the best approach is to just tell them what you want and or need. You might be surprised by what you are able to gain or receive just by asking for them. This tips on dating will certainly save you the time and frustration. They are not mindreaders you know. They can’t read minds. Sometimes just communicating what you need, your personal needs are better so they can understand you and your needs instead of just being frustrated at them because they are not getting the hints.

Initiate Conversations

Being proactive is another tips on dating. If you’re constantly waiting around for them to text you, you are definitely wasting your time. Taking the initiative to start a conversation can lead to meaningful connections and deep conversations. Show them that you are genuinely interested in them and that you want to strike up a conversation to get to know them better.

The Don’ts

Play Games

DOWN is a dating app centered on honesty. Here, we would like all of our users to be honest about their intentions. Hence, not playing games with one another such as playing mind games, pretending to be someone your not or even playing or toying with somebody else’s heart. Treat your potential matches with respect and honesty.

Send Unsolicited Explicit Messages

Respect and consent are the primary rules of using a dating app. Avoid sending any unsolicited explicit messages or images to one another. And before any actions are made or formed, please do respect each other and seek consent before engaging in any type of form of activity or conversation. This is one of the most crucial tips on dating we can give you.

Share Your Personal Information Too Soon

Yes, we know you are excited to meet each other and everything. But do make sure to get to know the person and see if he or she is trustworthy enough. Sometimes you might not even know if that person is who they say they are after years of knowing each other let alone being strangers. So, protect your own privacy by avoiding sharing personal information such as your house address or financial details early in the relationship or situationship or whatever it is you are in.

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Settle for Less

While being open minded and receiving new ideas and thought are a vital aspect, you should never settle for less than you deserve. If he or she is not treating you with the same amount of respect and affection that you seek then make sure to hold on to your worth and recognise that they might not be the suitable one for you. Seek a partner who can appreciate you and treat you how you deserve to be treated.

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Here are the top tips on dating we can give you so far. By following these do’s and don’t, you can enhance your chances of forming new and genuine connections. Keep in mind that online dating should be pleasurable and enjoyable journey. Don’t stress about it too much. If you do get rejected or someone you’re really interested in did not match you or like you back then it means their not the one for you because something bigger is coming your way!

Adhering to these tips on dating, can lead to potential matches on DOWN. Remember that HONESTY, RESPECT and PRIVACY are the cornerstones of building the most successful genuine connections. So be confident, be youself and enjoy this exciting to journey to find love or companionship with DOWN.

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