10 Reddit Gonewild Stories You Won’t BELIEVE

Have you heard of these Reddit Gonewild stories? I’m telling you, they’re really WILD.

Contributor: Stella (@stellaaoktaviani on Instagram)

3 Reddit Gonewild Stories You Won't BELIEVE
3 Reddit Gonewild Stories You Won’t BELIEVE

If you’re on the internet, you’ve definitely heard of Reddit, the melting pot of all anonymous users who can post and comment on anything and anyone without revealing their identities. They have all kinds of subreddits you can join and engage in, ranging from discussions about food, memes, games, and down to a subreddit that just bashes Mercury.

My personal favorite? Has to be r/BreadStapledToTrees — yes, you read that correctly.

But among all those subreddits (there are about 3 million according to Backlinko), of course, lies what everyone will eventually look for; porn. Data from 4 years ago says that almost a quarter of Reddit’s content is NSFW, and I bet 4 years later, that number has increased, if not doubled.

One of the most famous subreddits, called r/gonewildstories shares true sex stories. And you might think that these are just short stories about someone’s hot, spicy one night stand — nope. They have to be in a specific format too. You can’t just tell the story like you’re confessing a dirty night with a stranger — no, that’s for the subreddit r/sluttyconfessions. These have to be actual stories, like those 18+ fanfiction stories you once read on Wattpad. It’s basically erotica.

So I’m here to give you a few of the hottest, spiciest, Reddit gonewild stories you’re ever gonna read:

1 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: For the first time in my life I let a man other than my husband see me topless [FM]

For some time now I’ve had this fantasy of someone other than my husband seeing me naked, but have never acted on it. I’m pretty conservative, been married for 15 years, and never really acted out sexually. This morning I finally did it.

My neighbor was out on the back porch, he was on what sounded like a work call. My husband was working in the office and my kids were at their friends’ houses, so I saw an opportunity. At first, I was hesitant since I’ve never done anything like this, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I couldn’t resist.

I went in my bedroom and took off my t shirt and bra. At this point I was only wearing a pair of skinny jeans and black flip flops. I walked out the back sliding door onto the back patio with my boobs fully exposed, completely topless. My heart was pounding even though I was completely unnoticed. Since he hadn’t noticed me yet, I decided to walk out off the patio and start making some noise to get his attention. I just randomly started singing, acting like I had no idea he was there and I was just enjoying the morning in my backyard. He glanced over the wall and…

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2 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: Got fucked in the dorm showers [F]

This weekend my friends dragged me to our uni’s basketball game. I’m not a huge sports fan but there was an after party planned and my friends were trying to get tickets from someone at the game. Luckily the game is entertaining enough if you like watching tall ripped men. After it was over we went down to the court floor so my friend could meet up with her guy that had the after-party tickets.

While I was waiting this 6’5 black guy tapped me on the shoulder and started striking up conversation. Apparently we had met before at a party but I didn’t remember. We got pretty flirty cause he started teasing me about not remembering. He asked if we wanted to come to his pre-game and I begged my friends till they said yes. He asked if I wanted to go with him to get changed before heading to his teammate’s apartment where the pre-game was. I agreed as we were honestly having really good conversation and didn’t have anything better to do. He drove us back and I went up to his one bedroom. We did the standard small talk, I sat on the edge of his bed and complimented his room, he apologized for the mess. Before I knew it he had pushed me back onto the bed and was pulling my shirt down. We made out heavily with him pausing to suck on my tits often. He pulled me up and said let’s go. I slipped into one of his hoodies and he lead me down the hall to the showers. I asked if we needed to worry about being caught and he said he didn’t care. In the shower stall, we both stripped down and resumed making out. He slipped his hand down between my legs and…

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3 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: I touched my pussy sitting in church while my dad preached. [F]

As a missionary family, we travel around the country to different churches to garner support for our ministry. Today, we were in church for a missions conference, and a lot of people were sick. The person who usually operates the sound booth was also sick.

My dad, trying to impress the Pastor, told him I was able to cover the sound booth. So today when he asked me to take care of it I got so excited. I couldn’t believe it. Ever sense I started getting horny in church; all I could wish for was to be somewhere no one else could see me. Now here I was. In a sound booth. Enclosed. Surrounded by glass from my chest up. Everyone is singing hymns. My dad is preaching a heartfelt sermon. And here I am rubbing my virgin pussy. I had my phone brightness low and my phone on reddit. Reading messages. Looking at confessions. Meanwhile people are sitting 6 ft away in a pew looking away from me. I felt so turned on. My fingers were covered in my…

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4 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: I fucked myself in front of my religious roommate and she joined me [FF]

Just before my second year in college I was offered a really nice apartment but I needed to find a roommate. I ended up meeting a girl online who seemed relatively chill and based on her social media, was from a really religious family. It wasn’t the kind of person I would typically hang out with but I figured she would be tidy and not much trouble which is perfect for a roomie.

After a few months she had witnessed me bringing home quite a few guys and undoubtedly heard us fucking. I wasn’t trying to be obnoxious about it but the walls were thin and I figured she could throw on some headphones if she didn’t want to hear it. One day she confronted me in the living room and asked if I liked being with all those guys instead of having a boyfriend. I told her that I wasn’t against having a boyfriend, I just hadn’t found any guys that were boyfriend material and I still wanted to have sex.

She told me that she was interested in exploring her sexuality but that she felt like all the guys in school would be turned off by her lack of experience. I assured her that…

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5 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: I made a guy cum four times in one night [FM]

This one… this one is really something.

When he said that he could go all night, I didn’t believe him. At his place, though, I started to realize that he did have stamina. What was most exciting about it, though, was that he could give me a hot load of cum and then give me another without that much of a break.

I took the first load into my pussy, having cum hard on his cock before he let himself go and pumped me full of his seed. The cream pie turned me on and made me want more, but I half expected that was the end of things. I noticed, though, that he never got fully soft and started to get hard again really quickly. So, I took his…

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6 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: Yesterday I gave a friend a handjob in a movie theater [FM]

For background, I’m 19f, and I’ve always been a bit on the shyer side but I always had this secret desire to do something thrilling like a handjob in a movie theater for example. Idk why but I’ve always found the idea of doing it in a crowded theater really exciting. the fact that we could get caught any moment is so fucking hot. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to go to the movies and I just knew it was time.

I told him I’d get the tickets so I could choose seats in the back corner with no one sitting beside us, hoping we wouldn’t attract too much attention. Once the movie started, I used his jacket as a blanket, creating a private space to shield it from wandering eyes haha

Without wasting any time, I started playing with it and rubbing it, just lightly teasing him through his pants under the safety of my jacket. As the movie went on, I…

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7 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: My wife got spit roast by two guys in the back room at a party in college. I got to talk to them and get the story. [FMM]

This one’s a bit long so I skipped to the juicy part lol.

At the party my wife, the guy and his friend are chatting with her while drinking and everyone is getting a little sloppy. Apparently the discussion of BJs came up and my wife was insistent that she was an expert (she’s very open and sexual when she’s a bit tipsy), they essentially were like “lol, we won’t believe you and unless you show us”, and sure enough Megan said sure.

Megan wanted to just go with the guy she was crushing on (let’s call him Evan..not his real name) but he pointed out he couldn’t properly asses her skills if he didn’t couldn’t move around freely and get all the angles. He suggested Megan suck his friend (let’s call him Joe) and if she did a good job then she could suck him.

After some whinging she agrees to start in Joe.

Apparently the host of the party had a room he let friends use on occasion for party hookups so they took Megan there.

Joe sits on the bed and Megan, at Evan’s urging takes off her shirt (a skimpy red tank with spaghetti straps) and bra and bends over and starts…

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8 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: 20f got the biggest facial after the gym [FM]

After a weekend of sex and homework, Mondays are always the worst. I just want more lol. So we’ve been trying to curb that a little and I think this morning really locked in the new routine.

Even though it only takes us about 5ish minutes to run from the gym back to my place, I was soaked by the time we got home. And after rushing past my roommate drinking her coffee in the living room and going into the bathroom, my fwb (20m) was already half hard. We both knew what was going to happen haha.

We stripped and got the water running and he leaned back against the counter while I leaned over and…

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9 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: A few months ago I [39f married] had a threesome with a couple [27m] [27F] that went very wrong [mff]

A few months ago my husband went away with our two kids to see some of his relatives in Newcastle while I stayed home to do nothing in particular but relax. The Friday night before he left we were having sex and I told him how I’m going to find someone to fuck on the Saturday night and I’ll message him Sunday morning and tell him about it. He got really turned on and before he left Saturday morning he said to me “have a fun weekend to yourself, but not by yourself”.

I went on a swinging site we use and started messaging a couple (Heather and Tom both 27) that’s I’ve done sexting and cam sessions with before and asked what they were doing that night and left them my number.

Within an hour Heather rang me and we chatted for quite a while and I agreed to drive up to theirs later that day about an hour away.

I got showered and sent her a few pics of outfits and asked which one I should wear, put on the outfit she chose and started the drive up there.

I arrived and knocked on the door, she answered and as soon as we were inside she started kissing me and then…

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10 of 10 Reddit Gonewild Stories: [MFM] [F23] Surprise! Fulfilling my stranger fantasy, with the help of a trusted, devious friend

Oh this one’s a full story. You’ve been warned.

One question I always love to ask, and love when others ask me, is “What’s the fastest you’ve gone from meeting someone, to having them inside you?” This is the story of my answer.

A few years ago, when I was 23, after a regular session with my friend Matt, who I had been seeing often at the time, I was ruminating on new situations or things we could try together and I brought up my desire to fuck a complete stranger.

“I’ve always loved not knowing who is inside me, and I’ve certainly gone from 0 to fucking pretty quickly in the past, but I’ve never not known or seen the person before we actually get down to business, and I’d like to.”

Matt responded by saying he could do me one better – not only could he help arrange for a stranger to fuck me, but if I was open to it, he could make when it happened a complete surprise as well. I almost came again as the words left his mouth. “Yes. God Yes.”

“Do you want any more details? Any rules? Preferences?”, he asked. I responded that I trusted him, that he knew me and my comfort level generally, and that the less I knew, the better this would be. He snickered at me with delight, and I was salivating…

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If those ten stories aren’t hot, I don’t know what is. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed those 10 Reddit Gonewild stories, as there will be more to come (see what I did there?).

Some notes: if you want to comment on these stories, you can! Just create an account on Reddit and fire away — though be warned, generally, if you comment on these stories you can get some unsolicited messages asking to hookup. If that’s what you want, hey, then all the power to you!

Until the next stories.

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