How to Make Sex Toys At Home

How to Make Sex Toys At Home

How to make sex toys? Here are some simple steps to DIY your sex toys!

It’s no surprise that orgasm and fingering yourself would make you feel good. But have you ever had a light bulb light up and think to yourself… maybe you want something even more? And fast! Imagine sexting on a dating app (Tinder, Hinge, DOWN App, etc.) and suddenly feeling the need to touch yourself but it leaves you wanting more, something more than just hands. In case you can’t find a man tonight, you might want to start thinking about how to make sex toys and what they can do for you. If you look around, you’ll realize that everything around you could be used or made up as a sex toy! So here are ways on how to make sex toys!

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Instead of spending some big chunks of cash and or money to buy sex toys online or in the store and not having them instantly, it’s time to DIY them instead. Here, we’ll teach you how to make sex toys at home! These DIY sex toys are very low-cost, you can get them now and are perfect for those who are just starting to explore new things. This saves you time and money AND you can experiment or experience what type of hardness, length, or depth you like before actually deciding to purchase one in the store. So by the time, you do decide you want to go and buy some, you would already know which type you would like to have. Let the DOWN App help you explore and decide what you like and have fun!

Penetrative Sex Toys

First and foremost, please DO NOT forget the lube and the condoms!

You might be shocked when I mention this to you, but 4 dildos are there just lying around your house.

  1. Fresh Produce

Several foods or fruits can offer some dildo action. An example would be carrots, corn, cucumber, or the obvious one: a banana.

  • Bananas have a very specific shape of a dildo because of its curve, this’ll help you find your g or p spot. Keep in mind that when you are playing with them, they might break in half if they are too skinny and this could be a problem so please wash before and after using these fruits or food. Another way is to put a condom on these foods or fruits.

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  • Carrots also offer you a kinky experience but make sure you wash them before using!
  • Corn might not be perfect for everyone due to it being very round in diameter but you could test it out!
  • Zucchinis are a great fruit to explore what you like because they vary in size and length.

2. Hairbrush

The wonderful thing about using a hairbrush is you can just flip them over and it already works as a dildo! a plus point for a hairbrush as a dildo is the fact that it won’t snap or break. Now you can masturbate in peace while sexting that dating app match of yours, or let your imaginations run wild and free.

Vibrative Sex Toys

  1. Electric Toothbrush

If you have an electric toothbrush, this might the best homemade vibrator that you will have. This could work internally as well but the main focus of an electric toothbrush is probably to stimulate your clit. If you want the best possible experience, consider buying another head of the toothbrush just so you can explore different options and use it with lube.

2. Shower head

DOWN’s personal favorite is the shower head! Turn that water pressure high up but not too high otherwise you’ll hurt yourself. And let the shower head and water do the rest. Wash away the dirt and stress with water!

Furniture Sex

  1. Armrest

Whether you’ve got a dildo or not, an armrest is a good alternative for it! Just make sure that no one is there or that would be pretty awkward unless they would want to join you as well.

2. Pillow

Pillows are amazing for dry humping or grinding! You could experiment with different angles with your partner or if you are all by yourself you can try riding them and imagining your partner stimulating you in so many ways.

BDSM Sex Toys

  1. Wooden Spoons/Spatulas

If you’re trying to figure out whether you’re into BDSM or not, and are scared of using specific toys, one way you can navigate it is by using a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula. If your partner is into BDSM and you want to see if you are, test out the waters by lightly hitting yourself with it. If you enjoy it, great! Now imagine if your partner is doing it. If you don’t enjoy it, then that’s fine too! You just gotta talk to them about it.

2. Clothespin

Now these are for those who love nipple play!! No partner? no problem. Stimulate your sext with your DOWN match by using these clothespins on your nipples and feel that sensation. These are very cheap alternatives to nipple clamps! Experimenting with different levels of pressure can be a thrilling experience, allowing you to discover what heightens your pleasure. Just remember to prioritize your comfort and safety during these explorations, and you’ll find a world of possibilities waiting for you.

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So when you want a fast and cheap alternative to sex toys, use these DIY sex toys at home and explore with them. These are some how to make sex toys at home! And we hope you find them useful. Now you can peacefully sext your dating app match while exploring yourself and enjoying yourself too. Keep in mind before using or after using any of these, make sure that they are clean and sanitized before and after using. Now you can work with what you have and explore what you want. DOWN App hopes you will eventually understand and know the perfect size or length for you! Happy exploring!

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