9 Best Places to Have Sex – Have You Tried This One?

Are you in the mile high club? Or maybe you’ve tried having sex somewhere else? Here’s what we think the best places to have sex are.

9 Best Places to Have Sex - Have You Tried This One?
9 Best Places to Have Sex – Have You Tried This One?

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Are you more vanilla? Have you ever had sex in a place other than the bedroom? If not, then that’s fine! If yes, then please do share where. It’s completely fine to have never had sex outside your bedroom. According to some studies, just over half of Americans (57%) have had sex outdoors or in a public place.. that’s actually almost 200 million people. It’s not a lot compared to the population of the world, but it’s definitely a good chunk.

If you’re simply curious, or want to finally step out of your comfort zone and spice up your sex life, then maybe this is the way. Having sex somewhere outside your bedroom is as much exhilarating as it is risky. There’s the risk of being caught, falling, uneven ground, or even something burning. Don’t get me wrong though, sometimes those risks are what makes it exciting.

The Best Places to Have Sex

1. Your garden or backyard

The romantic aspects of nature, as a starry night or the flowers can make outdoor sex surprisingly sensual. Lay down a blanket, towel, or a yoga mat. Start off with a picnic, have some champagne on a warm summer day, and you can lay down together while enjoying the weather. If you are concerned about neighbors watching, then you can move your little rendezvous to somewhere with a little bit more shade, but still as exposing such as; your porch, a shed, in a tent, or by a huge window in your home. Unless you do want your neighbors watching, then go crazy.

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2. Beachy Sand

Yes, doing it on sand might not be ideal because it may get in the cracks and crevices… But! Grab a blanket, lay it down, and you’re good to go! Just imagine getting it on while the waves are crashing behind you, feel the cool ocean breeze… It’s a romantic getaway that would be a core memory for both of you.

3. In the office

And I mean if one of you own a private office and there’s nobody around, of course. If they work in an open space then that’s just not possible… unless- no. You might get fired for it.

Also important to note; maybe don’t do this during the day where everyone can walk in on you any time. During night time when either one of you is working overnight would be best. It’s giving 50 Shades of Grey, just without the helicopter date and everything.

4. By a window

Again, not for everyone, but it’s one of the top ones on our list. Do this at night with the lights off to prevent startling your neighbors. No one will be able to see inside, but you will be able to see outside. Or do it in a hotel with the big windows where you can see a beautiful view. Those windows are generally already tinted so you don’t have to worry about people being able to see you, but the thrill is still there.

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5. In a club

Imagine this; you’re drunk (a good drunk), your head is pounding to the beat of the music… and something else is pounding to the beat of the music 👀. Yes, it’s grimy and maybe dirty, but sex when you’re tipsy – maybe slightly drunk, and all you want is the other person?? Oof. It may not be romantic, but the haste and desire for each other is what makes it so hot.

6. In a car

It’s illegal if someone is offended or if someone can see it, so there’s a very fine line here. Although the police have the authority to arrest you, they usually simply advise you to find a better location. Lock the doors, stay away from the front seat, and perhaps try to park in an empty parking lot if you do intend to engage in sexual activity in the backseat of a vehicle. Oh, and some personal advice? Don’t invite the police with you.

7. In the parking garage/lot

It might not be a good idea to engage in sexual activity in a parking garage during the day, especially if there are many other vehicles around. Of course, you and your partner can decide that. But wait until it is dark and nobody is using the parking lot. There may be surveillance cameras in the parking lot if it is next to a structure, which might come back to harm you.

8. In the cinema

Choose the furthest seats from the screen and make sure you are not too close to others. Don’t choose a movie that just came out, everyone would be watching that. Choose a movie that’s been out for a few days, or even a week if possible. Remember to keep your voice down because movies get quiet too sometimes and sounds echo. Not to mention it’s not only the sounds coming out of your mouth that you have to keep down…

Try out these best places to have sex! Download DOWN App now on iOS or Google Play and start flirting!

9. Airplanes

It’s called the mile high club. The chances of being caught is very high, and if you get stuck in the middle of a flight, if you stop at a certain time, you will definitely be kicked out. But it can be a lot of fun and adrenaline if you can somehow find the right place for your partner. Things to keep in mind; keeping your time short, not bothering with the staff on board, and thinking about going to the bathroom. Don’t forget to come out one by one when you’re done, you don’t want the cabin crew to be suspicious.

There you have it; the best places to have sex! Obviously there are more places where you can have sex – literally there are no boundaries as long as you’re not caught and you don’t get in trouble. Bear in mind it’s actually illegal to have sex in certain places.

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