Creating Authentic Connections on DOWN App

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Here’s how you create genuine and authentic connections on DOWN!

Creating authentic connections can be overwhelming or even exhausting. This is because you need to put time and energy into that specific person that you are creating an authentic connection with. In order for these authentic connections to form, you will need to selfless and care about what the other person is feeling. For some people, this can come very naturally because it is in their natural form or state to be caring towards people but for others this can be mentally draining or by all else means this will take ‘too much effort’ for them. But when you do achieve the sense of having this ‘authentic connection’ you’ll be able to have a supportive relationship or friendship that can support you. Here are some tips on how you can build these authentic connections:

  1. Be Authentic to Yourself

The very first step into creating authentic and genuine connections is to be yourself. As cliche as this sounds, if you a re not being yourself or if you are faking yourself in order for someone to like you then you will NEVER have an authentic and genuine connection. Because an authentic connection means that you can be yourself around other people. You don’t need to hide behind a mask and fake yourself. This is not how authentic connections are formed because you will have to constantly worry about them liking you that you are changing your identity or even sometimes you own interests. When using DOWN App, make sure when you are talking about your interests and what you like to your matches, you speak the truth. There’s even a ‘Down For’ button so you can choose your interests like what you are ‘Down to Try’ and if you are ‘Down to Meet.’ And you can always change it at any time!

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2. Open Your Mind to the Endless Possibilities

Don’t be close minded on having these connections. Let people in. I know for some of you this might be hard to do. You think that being vulnerable is the same thing as being weak. But this is not true. Being vulnerable with someone means that you are able to show your true emotions and that is a good sign. Do not build up walls and close yourself off to the endless possibilities that each connection may or can provide. Be willing to share your thoughts and opinions with the other person even if you might not agree on the same things. DOWN App allows you to select whether or not you want to get ‘DOWN’ or to ‘DATE’ this makes sure that you have endless possibilities and your chances aren’t closed off. So when you feel like you just want to have a fun, steamy night or a deep conversation that could possibly lead up to your future, DOWN allows you to have all these possibilities.

3. Show that You are Interested and Be Willing to Give to Others

At certain times, people might avoid showing interest to the other person, simply because they are scared of rejection or they are afraid that the other person might not like them. But it is totally fine. Not everyone is going to like you. Some people might even hate you but that’s reality. That’s how the world works and you need to let it be. If you don’t show interest to anyone then nobody is going to be open to the possibility of even talking or communicating with you. Sometimes there might even be a case when you are both attracted or interested in getting to know each other but end up not trying at all, simply because both of you are too scared to show interest because the other person might get rejected. The GOOD NEWS is, since you are using DOWN, this takes away the pain of being rejected because there are so many options for you to choose from and even if you do get rejected, the only thing that would happen is you won’t match with that specific person. But that’s okay because there are tens of thousand of global selections for you to choose from!

Another thing is to stop having the mindset of “Give and Take.” Do not expect to get something in return when you give someone anything. When you give something whether it being financial support or mental support, you need to be willing to give it away without expecting something in return. You need to be willing to sacrifice your effort, time and energy into a connection by will and because you want to. When you finally do this by your own will, then great things will happen to you. Ever heard of karma? Yes, I’m pretty sure it works. And do it because it makes you feel good. You know that feeling when you help someone and they are really grateful for it and it makes you sorta feel tingly and nice? Yeah that. Obviously, when using DOWN App, you need to spend time chatting and striking conversations with the matches you have. But at least on DOWN, you’re intentions are clear from the start and this’ll save you tons of time. You do not want to spend time chatting on just one person when you know they don’t have your best interest at heart. This is why DOWN is a great match for people who wants clear intentions.

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4. Stop Waiting for Chances to Come

Go out! Find an event to go to or join some organisation to meet new people and obviously use DOWN App to find those connections and go meet them! If you are constantly just waiting around thinking that yes you are open minded about having an authentic connection and you sit there not even trying to find anyone new to meet then NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. It is chase your dreams right? not the other way around. It’s not wait for your dreams, is it? Yeahh, so actually try to make those chances and opportunities for yourself. Don’t just wait around waiting for something to happen if you’re not changing your life or trying to meet new people. At this point, go and open DOWN App right not and get swiping! A note is to also not just swipe but actually talk to your matches. And when you finally feel that you are ready to go out, you are finally using your DOWN chances to your full potential.

5. Master Selflessness and Patience

This ones not easy guys. It is a humans nature to be selfish. We care about ourselves and that is our nature. This is why caring about other people and having their interests at heart is not something easy. Bursting out into anger or frustration when something doesn’t go our way is also not something that is easy to control or do. That is why we need to master selflessness and patience. Building authentic connections take up your time and effort, sometimes you put so much effort into one connection but it ended up not working out well or the way you wanted to but that doesn’t mean that you should stop completely in trying to have another authentic connection. Even when you feel like you wasted so much effort and time just talking to one of your DOWN matches and it turns out that she/he might not be the one for you, don’t just storm out and stop trying. Keep swiping and chatting til you meet your one!

Overall, creating authentic connections require a lot of time, effort and patience but it will be worth it in the end. And a way to help you find these connections instead of waiting for chances to come is to go and download DOWN App and try building authentic connections from there. And if you decide that you matched well, go out and meet them! Also make sure to be safe and secure at all times!

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