Date If You Dare Ep. 8 – Don’t Drink The Cherry Kool-Aid!

Stephanie shared one of her most unique sex stories – safe to say we did not expect that. Listen to find out more!

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Ever had a hookup that went wrong? Well this one definitely went wrong. I wish we were talking about Cherry Kool-aid the drink here, but.. well. Listen for yourself and see if you’d want to have Cherry Kool-aid after this.

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Stephanie: Hi, my name is Stephanie, and one word I would describe my sex story is cherry koolaid. Well I guess that’s two words. Cherry Kool-Aid.

Annie: That sounds delicious.

Michael: Is it hyphenated?

Stephanie: You can make it hyphenated. It’s up to you. But I have to say, after this one, maybe I don’t want to have another cherry koolaid.

Michael: Oh no..

Annie: Oh. Okay. Damn. Okay.

Stephanie: Yeah. So the story starts off with my friends with benefits. We’ve been friends with benefits for a good few months. You know, he is tall, handsome. He’s the full package. He’s a cop, good personality. He’s super attractive. And we had hooked up office, like, two or three times a week. And the thing is, we always have a routine before we hook up. We always get dinner, get some drinks, and then we either go to his place or my place. That night in particular, we went back to my place. So we were talking, and we were kissing. We were making out. We had shared a bottle of wine, and things got touchy, and we had sex. This particular night, we had anal sex. I am allowed to say that, though, right? This is explicit.

Annie: I love it.

Stephanie: We had anal sex, and I’m on the pill.

Michael: Does that make a difference?

Stephanie: I mean, you always want to be safe, though, right?

Colin: I don’t think it matters.

Stephanie: Really?

Colin: laughs We need to do a biology class here.

Stephanie: Pay it for me, and I’ll take the biology class.

Michael: Go ahead.

Stephanie: Yeah. So I let him come inside me, and of course, like you normally do after every time you have sex, you go to the bathroom and you clean yourself up. And as I was cleaning myself up-

Michael: Do you?

Stephanie: I mean, do you you show my story? I’m asking you always. It’s a necessity. Yes. As I was cleaning myself up, there was this fluid that came out of me, which, of course, I assume is cum. But unlike the natural color of cum, it was red.

Michael: Oh, no.

Annie: Whoa, wait. Red?

Stephanie: It was red, but- I was panicking. But it was too light of a red color to be period blood. And then I started panicking, but then I realized, okay, it’s anal sex. It happens sometimes. Blood just comes out. It happens, right? So I was like, you know what? It’s fine. I wasn’t feeling any pain either. So I was like, yeah, it’s fine. It’ll resolve itself in the morning-

Michael: It’ll resolve itself- so that you’re not worried about but you’re worried about getting pregnant when you’re having anal sex. Just want to make sure here.

Stephanie: Hey. People have their own worries here laughs. But, yeah, I brushed it off. I was like, It’s fine, and I went back to the bedroom, and he slept over. Now, that wasn’t the end, obviously, the next morning, since he stayed over, you know..guys, they got morning wood, right? So we were just cuddling, and he started I noticed he started reaching down there. So we had morning sex, but I wasn’t really feeling, like anal sex anymore, so we just had regular sex. I wasn’t really feeling it that morning for some reason, so I told him, just pull out and I’d give him a blowjob. But for some reason oh, my gosh, I’m scared. As he pulled out-

Annie: Oh my gosh I’m scared.

Stephanie: -and I gave him a blowjob, he came out of nowhere without warning me, and he sounded like he wasn’t even sure he was coming. He sounded like he was surprised that he came. So it’s like, oh, shit. Okay. But then the weirdest thing is that it wasn’t cum that came out. It was this-

Annie: Pee?

Stephanie: It was blood.

Annie: Oh, my gosh.

Stephanie: Yeah. It was just red all over.

Annie: Did you break his dick?

Stephanie: No, that’s another story. But no, I did not.

Annie: Oh, my gosh.

Colin laughs.

Colin: He was spurtling blood?

Stephanie: Yeah. And it wasn’t like, thick. It was like a murder thing. It was all over my sheets, all over my hands. And I was speechless. He was speechless until we started mutually panicking, like, holy shit. Oh, my God. And called 911. And while we were waiting, I gave him an ice pack because we don’t know what’s going on down there. So, yeah, the ambulance took us to the hospital, and they said that a vein inside his penis ruptured, so..

Colin: What a nightmare.

Stephanie: Imagine, like, you’re swinging a hose left and right and with just full of blood.

Colin: laughs Thanks for that visual.

Annie: Oh, my God. Wait. He wasn’t in pain?

Stephanie: I don’t know. He said it wasn’t painful, but I don’t have a penis.. So you guys tell me. Do you imagine it to be painful?

Michael: You could see the look on my face. I’m already over here just screaming in pain.

Annie: I think I see Michael’s tears. He’s probably crying inside.

Michael: Oh, my God.

Colin: A ruptured vein in your dick definitely sounds painful.

Michael: Oh, my God, yes.

Stephanie: I mean, I saw him again, like, after a few weeks, and it was fine. So it was probably okay.

Colin: So no more red cherry flavored koolaid coming out of his dick after that?

Stephanie: Nope. And no more cherry koolaid for me.

Annie: No more for me either. I don’t want to drink anymore.

Colin: You’ve sworn it off now, huh?

Annie: Thanks for ruining it for me, Stephanie.

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