Date If You Dare Ep. 9 — Why You Shouldn’t Push Her Head Down

When Sophie decided to become a social butterfly in college, it’s not really what you’d think would happen…

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There’s many reasons why you shouldn’t push her head down when giving the Gluck-gluck 9,000… but this one reason will really get you boys’ hands off her head. It’s everything that could go wrong when giving a bl*wjob.

Listen to Sophie’s episode and find out what exactly happened when she went down on this guy!

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Sophie: Hi, my name is Sophie, and the one word I would use to describe my my most unforgettable/worst I-still-can’t-believe-this-happened-to-me hookup story is gag.

Michael: Oh, no.

Sophie: Yes.

Stella: Gag?

Sophie: You’ll know what I mean. Okay, so this happened years ago, back then, when I just got into college. So the thing about me is I used to be this very shy and quiet girl. I never had a lot of friends, and I didn’t really know how to make new friends. I didn’t know how to talk to strangers, not because I didn’t want to, but because I don’t know how to. When people talk to me, if I don’t know them, I’d be like, okay. So I wasn’t really a good conversation maker, and that’s why I didn’t have a lot of friends. But, you know, going to college, I felt like it’s a brand new start. I could be someone completely different. And I decided I wanted to be that slutty popular college girl.

Michael: Whoa.

Sophie: Yeah, the thing about it is, it’s a really good opportunity for me to be that, because I don’t have to worry about my old friends or someone I know saying, like, hey, Sophie, why are you so different? It’s a brand new start. So it was a good opportunity for me to do that-

Michael: -and a great way for you to make your parents proud.

Stella: Very proud.

Sophie: Yeah. I could go back home saying, hey, Mom, I set up with 100 guys this semester. Yeah, sounds pretty good. So when my friends asked if I wanted to join them to go to this new music festival, of course I said yes, because it’s something that the old me wouldn’t say yes to, and the new me would be like, oh, yeah, let’s go party. So I actually spent days trying to decide what I wanted to wear, and of course, I looked like a slut. So on the first day of the music festival, we were super excited. And I have to say, I felt like I was having the moment of my life. There was music, we were drinking, dancing. Everything was just so fun. And the best thing is, next to us, there was this group of boys who was about the same age as we were, and we started dancing and talking to each other. So I thought, okay, this is it. This is me. I’m the queen right now. I’m the college girl who’s really popular because all guys are hitting on me and something I’ve never experienced before. It felt so good.

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Colin: You’re coming out of your shell, which is awesome.

Sophie: Yes, it was super awesome. And the best thing is, as night grew darker, eventually each one of us, we paired up with a boy, and we started dancing together. And the boy that I paired up with. He was definitely my type. So I like cute boys. The guys that have these big brown eyes, puppy eyes, I love those guys. And the boy that I matched with, he had those eyes. I was like, damn, this is my day. I want to do something more. I don’t want to just dance with him.

Stella: Michael’s covering his eyes.

Sophie: Yes. I think you can sense something bad is about to happen, but it’s going to be good for about another three minutes or so.

Colin: That’s what he said.

Sophie: So anyway, we were downstream and he started putting his arms around my waist. And I have to say, I feel like I was going to faint because I was too nervous. Like I said, I barely talk to strangers, let alone let someone hug me or pull me so close. But at the same time, I was super excited and I was super happy. So when he asked if I wanted to walk around with them, like get away from the crowd, of course I said yes. So he started walking for a few minutes and we were in this pretty dark alley when he pulled me close and started kissing me. So again, I thought I was going to paint, but he held me tight, so I didn’t paint. That’s the good thing. And I wanted to do something more, but we were still in public. It’s not like I can take off my clothes and say, hey, let’s have sex here.

Stella: I mean..

Colin: You can give it a shot.

Michael: Yeah I don’t remember reading that regulation.

Sophie: Well, maybe that’s for the next story. But for this one, it was my first time, so I didn’t take off any clothes. The best I thought I could do was to offer him a blow job. Of course he said yes, because let’s be honest, I don’t know any guys who would say no to a blow job.

Stella: True.

Michael: I like how Stella is saying true, Colin and Michael are saying nothing.

Colin: I mean, I don’t know any friends who would say no as well. You’d have to be a fool.

Sophie: Yeah, exactly. So I started doing my job down there, and I could tell I was doing great because he was really enjoying it. He was moaning, he was grabbing my hair, and he pushed me down to go deeper. Okay. That’s when it happened.

Michael: Oh, no.

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Sophie: So when I meant that it happened, I didn’t mean that he comes. I meant that I heard this really strange noise. It sounded like retches And I was like, dude, what the fuck is this? What’s this noise?

Michael: It wasn’t you?

Sophie: That’s when I realized it was me. Apparently he pushed me down a little too deep and I gagged.

Michael: You were gagging.. Oh no.

Sophie: But this is not the worst part. The worst part is, along with that gagging noise, I noticed that there were some food chunks and liquid coming out of my mouth.

Stella: Oh NO.

Sophie: That’s when I realized I fucking puked on the boy sick.

Michael: Oh, no. So what this tells me is this was probably his first time doing this, too, there’s a reason why we don’t push it down.

Stella: Yeah, he must’ve pushed your head down like.. really further down.

Sophie: I really wasn’t expecting that. And I sort of freaked out. I was looking at the mess that I made. But, you know, sometimes when you do something really embarrassing, you try to play it cool and act like nothing happened. That’s what I did. So I just wiped my mouth and I stood up and I looked him in the eye and I said, EW. I’m not cleaning that up.

Stella: Oh. My. God.

Colin: So sassy.

Sophie: I know why I said that. I really don’t know what I said that. I was so mean because I have to be honest, he was so nice, he didn’t even look angry and he didn’t say anything. To be honest, he even looked more concerned about how I was feeling. And I don’t know why I said that. I guess I was so into the character of being this cool, popular, bloody party girl that I forgot to go like, oh, my gosh, let me clean this up for you.

Michael: This is the problem when two amateurs get together.

Sophie: So I was too embarrassed that I just looked past his innocent, beautiful, big brown eyes one last time, and I just walked away, leaving him with his pants around his ankles and those food chunks and his dick sill hang there.

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Colin: Definitely not hard anymore.

Stella: I would be worried if it were.

Sophie: Exactly. And I just ran off. Yeah. I never went back to the music festival again, and I never saw that boy again. But if somehow he hears his story. I just want to say Sophie is very sorry, and I hope you still have decent, slow job experiences after this.

Stella: True, he might be traumatized.

Sophie: That’s what I was afraid of, because I knew I would be for a while.

Michael: Sophie, that was an awesome story.

Sophie: Thank you. So, yeah, that’s why I said it’s, like, the most unforgettable/worst. And I still can’t believe this happened to me. But I also think that I’m somehow happy it happened into me, because it’s a whole new experience. I could tell people I puked on a boy’s dick. Stella, I bet you can’t say that. Ha-ha, I win.

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