Top 6 Sex Advice to Get Your Man Wild

Do you know these easily missed sexy zone?

If you’re looking to add some extra spice to your romantic relationship, then learning how to get your man wild in the bedroom is a great place to start. While every individual has their own unique desires and preferences, there are some simple tips to help you take your sexual experiences to the next level and leave your man feeling utterly satisfied. Check out these essential tips you should never miss out below.

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Tip number 1: Don’t underestimate the power of ear play

In a survey, ears were ranked as a highly sensitive erogenous zone for men. Try delicately nibbling or licking your partner’s ears while whispering sweet nothings to heighten their pleasure. Somatic sex coach Stella Anna Sonnenbaum even suggests softly blowing on their ears for an ultra-intimate reaction.

Tip number 2: Kissing can be a powerful way to increase desire

According to research published in The American Journal of Medicine, kissing can boost dopamine levels in the brain, which can enhance arousal for both partners. Sexologist Carol Queen suggests slowly tracing your partner’s lips with your tongue or softly biting their lower lip to get things going.

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Tip number 3: The neck is an often overlooked erogenous zone

Playing with your partner’s neck that can be incredibly pleasurable for both sides. Try kissing the back of your partner’s neck with your mouth slightly open while humming to create a tingle-triggering combination of heat and vibrations. You can also use a fingertip vibrator to massage their hairline.

Tip number 4: Be gentle with the scrotum

While this area can be highly sensitive, it’s also vulnerable to sharp impact, so it’s important to approach it with care. Try gently sucking, squeezing, or cupping the scrotum to enhance pleasure. Foreplay techniques like gently massaging both balls with your hand can also be effective.

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Tip number 5: Don’t be shy with the shaft

According to research published in the journal BJU International, the shaft is highly sensitive and can be a key area for orgasmic pleasure. Use a firm grip to move up and down the shaft, adding pressure as you go to enhance your partner’s pleasure.

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Last but not least, don’t forget that communication is key in any sexual encounter. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what they like and what they don’t like. Always prioritize consent and mutual pleasure to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for both partners.

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