What Is An Online Dating Scam?

What is an online dating scam? Here’s a list of online dating scam on a dating app for hooking up that you should lookout for.

What Is An Online Dating Scam?
What Is An Online Dating Scam?

So, What Is An Online Dating Scam?

Using websites for hooking up or dating have raised unique concerns about dating site scams for individuals everywhere. Unfortunately, the protection that comes with these advancements can also allow you or other dating app matches to be taken advantage of by online dating scammers. In such cases an you or your dating app matches who are seeking love on a hookup dating site but in actuality is perpetrating dating site scams which could end up costing someone thousands of dollars or their identity altogether.

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While anyone can experience financial loss because of online dating scammers, older people are often the targets. There are online dating scams photos of scammers texting older people online, posing as their dating app matches because they might have assets such as retirement funds or homes that can be stolen from them. If online dating scammers has its eyes on you and loves you, it’s easy to take advantage of your emotions. The average victim is usually a 50-year-old woman and not only in the US, but worldwide.

So What Is An Online Dating Scam?

What Is An Online Dating Scam?

1. Romance from the Military

An online dating scam from the military usually uses the exact same template for dating profile of a real soldier. They send out real texts to their dating app matches, introducing themselves and their careers. Usually they’d tell you their achievements/tragedies to build an emotional connection. And the moment their dating app matches want to meet, the soldier had to be deployed.

The online dating scam happens when they ask the dating app matches for money to set a reliable hookup website connection, their excuses are for medical coverage, flight home tickets, etc.

2. Online dating scams photos

This is where the online dating scammers try to get their dating app matches to send private pictures of themselves. Usually this happens after a period of time of connecting, so that the dating app matches would have trust in the online dating scammers. Then, if they do get the pictures, it’s used for blackmail.

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3. School first, love later

Usually, online dating scammers target 50 year old women as their victims, pose as dating app matches and a younger guy who’s still pursuing his studies. In a hookup website, you can rarely tell if someone’s a scammer or not, but online dating scammers use this strategy to hopefully remind these women of their own kids. So they’d tell their dating app matches to send them money because they need to finish their studies first before being able to meet them in person.

4. They don’t like to talk in a hookup website.

This is usually the case because most dating apps have an AI that can recognize online dating scammers through their dating profile templates or simply suspicious behavior, which is why they would very quickly ask their dating app matches if they have other platforms to talk in (usually Kik, wechat, etc.). The best way to avoid this is to stick with the hookup dating site for a while before talking somewhere else.

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Hopefully this answers your question; What Is An Online Dating Scam?

These are only few of the list of online dating scams, we have more here. If you’re using a computer, one of the best ways to avoid online dating scam is by reading through ‘What Is An Online Dating Scam?’ articles, reading through the lines and really paying attention to their behavior. Usually their dating app conversation starters are great and their template dating profile is too good to be true. Be careful out there!

What Is An Online Dating Scam?

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