How To Chat On Hookup Sites: 15 Best Dating App Conversation Starters

Have trouble chatting on hookup sites? Try these best dating app conversation starters.

Dating can be difficult. But it has been made easier in this day and age by the existence of hookup sites and dating web sites that you have at your fingertips, allowing you to find dating app matches who have caught your eye.

The question is, in a massive sea of faces compete for attention from your dating app matches, how do you really stand out? Well, that’s where it’s important to have a conversation starter or best pick up lines cheesy (or dirty) up your sleeve when trying to break into a sea. Good conversation starters will help you boost your chances whether trying to ask your dating app matches out on a date or trying to get their numbers. And the best ones are “would you rather” questions.

We’ve listed down our favorite ones for you.

  • In the shower or on the kitchen table?
  • Kinky or romantic?
  • Swallow or spit?
  • Get nudes or send nudes?
  • On top or bottom?
  • Be cheated on by a partner, or cheat on a partner?
  • Have your hair pulled or your butt smacked?
  • A good morning text or a good night text?
  • Lights on or off?
  • Sext or Zoom sex?
  • Kiss in public or kiss in private?
  • Give a lap dance or get one?
  • Talk dirty over the phone or through text messages?
  • Play teacher’s pets or play doctor?
  • Cuddle in the morning or at night?

Conversations on dating web sites are very much like getting to know someone at a party. It’s always tough to have a conversation when you’re in an unfamiliar environment, especially because everything feels like it could be awkward. The best way to get over this feeling is by putting in that extra effort in order to maintain a decent conversation with your dating app matches.