45 Bad Pickup Lines You Should NEVER Use!

bad pickup lines
45 Bad Pickup Lines You Should NEVER Use!

Avoid these bad pickup lines! You don’t want to go around flirting and accidentally using these 🙁 Read more below to find out what bad cheesy pickup lines you shouldn’t use!

If you’ve ever gotten the cricket noises instead of laughter when sending or using pickup lines, the reason is probably because you used a bad one. Bad pickup lines are difficult to distinguish, and it honestly depends on who you’re sending the pickup line to.

But! Let’s talk about what dirty pickup lines you should avoid in general so that your chances of meeting your crush from a dating or hookup app is bigger.

Bad pickup lines – cringy

  • Was your mother a beaver? ‘Cause dam!
  • Your breasts remind me of Mount Rushmore — my face should be among them.
  • It’s handy that I have my library card because I’m totally checking you out.
  • Do you work at Subway? ‘Cause you just gave me a foot-long.
  • Hey, girl. Are you German? ‘Cause I wanna be Ger-man!
  • I hear you’re looking for a stud. Well, I’ve got the STD and all I need is U.
  • Can you touch my hand? I want to tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel.
  • I’ve lost my teddy bear! Can I sleep with you instead?
  • My doctor told me I’m missing vitamin U. Can you help me?
  • I don’t think I want babies, but I wouldn’t mind refining my baby-making technique with you.

I’m cringing just as I’m writing these down.

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Bad sexy pickup lines

  • Baby, you’re the next contestant in the game of love.
  • Excuse me. My friend over there is a little embarrassed. He’d like your phone number. He wants to know where he can get ahold of me in the morning.
  • You seem like the kinda girl who’s heard every line in the book. So what’s one more?
  • Remember me? Oh, that’s right, I’ve met you only in my dreams.
  • If you were a booger, I’d pick you.
  • Are you a campfire? Cause you’re hot and I want s’more.
  • Do you like bacon? Wanna strip?
  • I have 4 percent battery remaining. I chose to message you. Did I choose wisely?
  • I’m not feeling myself today. Can I feel you instead?
bad pickup lines
bad pickup lines reaction

Bad Tinder pickup lines

  • I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d love to see you go down.
  • You’re so hot, my zipper is falling for you.
  • Is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea!
  • What’s the difference between a cheeseburger and an erection? You’re not giving me a cheeseburger right now.
  • Excuse me. I think you have something in your eye. Never mind, it’s just a sparkle.
  • Hey baby, wanna sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up!?
  • Hey, I’m looking for treasure. Can I look around your chest?
  • From one to America, how free are you tonight?
  • My doctor told me I have a vitamin D deficiency. Want to go back to my place and save me?
  • Are you a campfire? Because you’re hot and I want s’more.
  • I’ll give up my morning cereal to spoon you instead.

Bad pickup lines

  • Are you a termite? Because you’re about to have a mouth full of wood.
  • I want to floss with your pubic hair.
  • Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform?
  • I’m a necrophiliac so why don’t you drop dead and I’ll think about it.
  • Can I read your t-shirt in braille?
  • Hi, the voices in my head told me to come over and talk to you.
  • Do you think I could borrow that dress sometime.
  • My favorite color is clear. That way I can always see you.
  • We were both born without clothes.
  • If you were a library book, I would check you out.
  • Are you my homework? Because I’m not doing you, but I definitely should be.
  • I’m peanut butter. You’re jelly. Let’s have sex.
Bad pickup lines with Steve Harvey

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