Who is Rihanna dating? Meet Her Future Baby Daddy, A$AP Rocky

Rihanna is about the be a mother! And she’s spending some lovely days with her hubby, A$AP Rocky.

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Do you want to know Who is Rihanna dating? You are in the right post! Rihanna has made appearances lately with her pregnancy and our queen is looking amazing. But just how long has Rihanna and ASAP Rocky been dating? We’re here to find out.

Who is Rihanna dating?
Who is Rihanna Dating?

Who is Rihanna dating?

Before ASAP Rocky, Rihanna has dated several other men as well. The most famous, and scandalous, was probably Chris Brown. Brown and Rihanna had met from 2005, but only started dating in 2007. Their relationship lasted until 2009, when we all know what happened… Brown had physically assaulted Rihanna coming back from a Grammys party, where he pleaded guilty and completed probation in March 2015, did community service, and went to counseling.

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After Brown, Rihanna found love in many other places. While we question who is Rihanna dating, turns out she had dated Lewis Hamilton, Leonardi Dicaprio, Drake, and Travis Scott, but none of the relationships really lasted until she met Hassan Jameel. Jameel is a Saudi businessman, the two were spotted in Spain whie on vacation. Sources say that Rihanna was smitten and totally in love with him, and Jameel even went to dinner with Rihanna and her mom. Things are looking like it’s getting serious! – But, the couple broke up in January 2020 due to their lives being too different.

And that was when Rihanna started dating ASAP Rocky.

Who is Rihanna dating in 2022?

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky began dating shortly after her breakup with Jameel. However, they refrained from labeling themselves as an item because it’s too soon after Jameel. The pair were often spotted in an outing together in NYC before finally being official in November of 2020.

Months after that, in May 2021, ASAP Rocky claimed to GQ that Rihanna was the love of his life, and she’s the one. And in January 2022, the couple announced Rihanna’s pregnancy with a snowy photoshoot.

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Who is Rihanna dating – Top 3 Rihanna Gossip:

1. Rihanna thinks using dating apps is brave.

After her split from Jameel, Rihanna made a comment saying people who use dating apps are brave. Though her split on the 3 year relationship was very much heart breaking, the Fenty owner said though going on a hookup app could be a way to find a great relationship.

She added, “I don’t think dating apps are for me but people who use them are brave and I know they create a lot of great relationships these days.”

2. Chris Brown isn’t over who is Rihanna dating.

Just when people thought Brown was finally a redeemed, different man, the singer was yet again accused of attacking another woman in mid-June in LA. While Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were spotted at the Louis Vuitton show that month, Brown was left in jealousy. Sources say that Brown wanted nothing more to be the one next to her at fashion shows, making her laugh, etc. And it can still be seen with how he still comments on her Instagram posts.

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3. Islamic verse in Fenty Lingerie Show.

In Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion show, the owner faced backlash from the online community for using a song that contained Muslim text (Hadith). The said Muslim text is a part of words from the Prophet Muhammad, and to use the song that contained it in a lingerie fashion show is simply inappropriate. Rihanna said the use of the song was ‘irresponsible’ and an ‘honest yet careless mistake.’

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